Send Me


The words stretched out in her head like a highway on a humid, sun-soaked Sunday afternoon. It had always been like this, and as most things in life, familiarity results in comfort; but these days seem to drag on longer than what she’s always been used to.

“You never said anything,

“You never asked.

He was never the type to shell out on feelings, or anything that would actually require him to use his heart more than his stubborn head, in that matter, but she always would daydream about being the odd one in history that could turn him up, inhale him down, and love him out of his darkness.

Her eyes flickered morosely to his, and she wondered now more than ever, why the sea tirelessly kisses the shore, no matter how many times it is sent away.


"I was focused too much on one thing before that’s why everything seems to be a blur. Then I learned to open up and I had a better look on everything else."

"Yes, I fucked up. I made decisions that eaten up a whole lotta years on me which people constantly nags how a waste I am. But I don’t fuckin care. Fuck you and your judgmental attitude. I follow my intuition, I do what I want. I don’t care how many times I’m gonna fail or be lost in the process of finding out what I really want to do or even it may take me years just to achieve what I want. I fucked up but I’ll never give up."

"Yes, life is fuckin unfair. There are tons of reasons to curse every fuckin day I live because nothing turns out the way I expected it to be. Life is unfair, you just gotta fuck it outsmart it.”